2020 Annual Report

It’s been a tough year for all of us, but imagine what it would have been like without having access to a computer for arranging grocery deliveries, virtual doctor visits, working remotely, maintaining school-work, and remote visits with friends and families. In the midst of this pandemic, our Computer Refurbishing and Technical Assistance Program was able to:

  •  Provide refurbished computer equipment to 101 people with low incomes and 42 non-profit agencies,
  •  Establish partnerships with 7 new agencies, and
  •  Recycle 8.5 tons of unusable electronic equipment

Also imagine being a parent with a toddler who needs day care or other developmental services but can’t afford the $125 for an age-appropriate car seat to safely take your child to these needed services. Our KidSafe Program was able to:

  •  Provide 29 new, high-quality child safety seats that adapt to changing needs of infants and toddlers, and
  •  Establish partnerships with 2 new agencies.

And, finally, imagine that your favorite aunt can’t find an apartment that is affordable on her small social security income. Our Better Angels Apartments provide affordable housing with elder-friendly design features to minimize fall risks for elders who have paved the way for future generations. Our Better Angels Program was able to:

  •  Provide, safe, affordable housing for 12 elders in 9 apartments, and
  •  Begin to remodel one more apartment with the elder-friendly

All of this has been possible through the work of dedicated staff, board and volunteers. Because of the consequences of the pandemic safety measures, both of our planned fundraisers had to be cancelled, making it challenging to maintain day-to-day administrative costs of running these programs.

We urgently need your help to be able to continue to provide these very necessary services.

Your gift of $50 will provide a safety seat that may save a child’s life.
Your gift of $100 will provide one family with a refurbished computer,
monitor, etc.
Your gift of $500 will help us rehabilitate one apartment to make it an
elder-friendly home.
Your gift of any amount will help us expand these programs and continue to address the unmet needs of our low- income neighbors in the Big Bend area.

Checks should be mailed to:

606 W. 4th Avenue, Suite 11, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Electronic donations may be made by using the Donate button.
Thank you for supporting the empowering work of
Lutheran Social Services of North Florida, Inc.

At Lutheran Social Services of North Florida (LSSNF) our mission is to develop, fund, implement, and administer programs to address the unmet social service needs of the low-income residents in our community.  Lutheran Social Service of North Florida serves all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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