During 2021(FY2020-2021),  KidSafe provided 80 Child Safety Seats to low income families in the Tallahassee/Leon County community.  This represented a 250% increase over the previous year. 

During the first 10 months of 2022(FY2021-2022), KidSafe has provided 82 Child Safety Seats for local children.

  • 94% of those children belonged to a racial minority group (Black, Asian, Hispanic, Multi-Race)
  • 100% of those children lived in families whose incomes were below 135% of the Federal Poverty Level (Low Income)
  • 61% of those children lived in families whose incomes were below the Federal Poverty Level(Extremely Low Income)
  • 68% of those children lived in families of single moms.


We are working with Safe Kids Coalition members to improve installation and safety outcomes for safety seat use and have participated in several events that focus on best practices for parents using safety seats and to promote the LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK campaign to prevent child death and injury from Forgotten Baby Syndrome.

Working with the Safe Kids Coalition, our Executive Director and our Board President are scheduled to attend the training to become Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.  This will enable our agency to conduct car seat installation check events to ensure that safety seats are installed correctly for maximum protection. 


Lutheran Social Services of North Florida, through the KidSafe program, works collaboratively with partner agencies, distributing new high quality child safety seats to families being served by the agencies. The partner agencies verify the financial need of the family and request a safety seat. The current KidSafe collaborating partners include:

  • The Pregnancy Help and Information Center
  • Brehon Family Services
  • Kearney Center
  • Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend
  • Big Bend Homeless Coalition
  • ECHO
  • FSU Young Parent Program
  • Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend
  • Safe Kids Coalition
  • The Women’s Center 
  • The International Rescue Committee
  • Bond Community Health Center
  • Hang Tough Foundation

Five agencies were added during the last year.



   A.J. was able to return to work because KidSafe provided a car seat to transport her daughter to a Kids Incorporated Early Head Start Program.


  E. R. ‘s car was stolen and her baby’s car seat was destroyed by the thieves.  She received a replacement seat through KidSafe and Pregnancy Help and Information Center.


   P.C. and her partner were expecting, but not twins!  They had purchased one safety seat, but couldn’t afford another with all of the other family and medical expenses.  KidSafe was able to help them through the Women’s Center.


A small grant from Tallahassee/Leon County Human Service Partnership has been a stable source of funding.  However, additional funds are needed to expand the reach of the program.   Donations from local churches and individual donations are critical to the continuation and expansion of this program.  Your donation may save a child’s life.

At Lutheran Social Services of North Florida (LSSNF) our mission is to develop, fund, implement, and administer programs to address the unmet social service needs of the low-income residents in our community.  Lutheran Social Service of North Florida serves all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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