Over the last 33 years, our agency has strived to live out our mission of developing programs that address the unmet human needs of our neighbors living in poverty. Under that broad mission, the LSSNF journey has taken many paths as needs and resources changed.

Our 2021 path on that journey is focused on the KidSafe Program which provides Child Safety Seats for families living at or near the poverty level.  During the first six months, we have provided 46 families with car seats that protect their children from serious injury or death and enables them to participate in programs that will ensure their children’s developmental needs

This represents a 400% increase over demand for this service in 2020.

Deanne has a baby daughter named Sarah. She wants to be the best parent she can be and is attending the parenting

classes that are available through her health care provider.  The provider encourages the new parents to bring their children to the classes so that they can help them develop skills that fit real life situations, but Deanne has not been bringing Sarah.

When the teacher approached Deanne about the importance of bringing Sarah to the class, Deanne tearfully explained that she did not have access to a child safety seat and couldn’t risk Sarah getting hurt if she had an accident.  Deanne is struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford the $125 cost of an infant car seat.

KidSafe was able to provide a child safety seat and Deanne is able to safely take Sarah to the parent/child education that will make them a healthy family.

In order to continue this program and to expand it to more families like Deanne and Sarah, we need your support.

$125 donation provides one safety seat for an infant or young child

Donations of any amount help meet the need for safety seats.

Please send checks to PO Box 1254, Tallahassee, FL  32302 or use the Donate Button below.

The LSSNF journey with the Better Angels Senior Apartment Program led to a collaborative relationship with Good News Outreach, Inc., an agency that has similar values to our own and offers a variety of programs including housing and rehabilitation services.   In late June, we were able to transfer the ownership of the property and management of the program to this organization.  We believe strongly that this arrangement honors the legacy of LSSNF in the area of low-income housing and assures the future of the program.  For more information about Good News Outreach, see their website www.goodnewsoutreach.org.

Over the years, the Computer Refurbishing and Technical Assistance Program has negotiated many bends in the path on this journey.  During the past year, we provided refurbished computers for 50 individuals and 49 non-profit agencies and re-cycled 18 pallets of unusable electronics.  This has been an important program for the community, but faced with the need for additional space, the retirement of the Registered Microsoft Refurbishing Program, decreases in grant funding, an increased demand for laptops (which are rarely donated), and reduced demand for desktop computers by a major partner, we realized that the program was not sustainable and made the painful decision to curtail the program.  

Lutheran Social Services began this journey back in 1988 when a group of caring people led by Pastor Bernard Kurzweg of Epiphany Lutheran Church identified gaps in the social service network that were important to the achievement of full humanity for everyone .  Their efforts and those of their successors have paved a noble path for us today. 

Looking to the future, we are excited about new opportunities to serve the community. Growing the KidSafe Program and building it into a resource that truly meets the needs of the community and not just a few fortunate families is our new starting point.     Please join us on this journey as we open ourselves to new ways to serve.

At Lutheran Social Services of North Florida (LSSNF) our mission is to develop, fund, implement, and administer programs to address the unmet social service needs of the low-income residents in our community.  Lutheran Social Service of North Florida serves all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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