Better Angels

Affordable Senior Living

606 W 4th Ave

606 W 4th Ave

606 W 4th Ave is a ten unit apartment building located in the French Town neighborhood. The facility was renovated and updated in 2017.  Amenities include:

  • Universal 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath design
  • Enhanced lighting, non-slip floors, bathroom grab-bars
  • In apartment dishwasher, side-by-side refrigerator, washer/dryer, central heating/AC
  • Water/Sewer/Waste pickup utility costs included
  • Daytime on-site management

LSSNF established a collaborative relationship with Good News Outreach, Inc., an agency that has similar values to our own and offers a variety of programs including housing and rehabilitation services.   In late June, 2021, we were able to transfer the ownership of the property and management of the program to this organization.  We believe strongly that this arrangement honors the legacy of LSSNF in the area of low-income housing and assures the future of the program.  For more information about Good News Outreach, see their website