Computer Refurbishing & Technical Assistance

About CRTA

The Computer Refurbishing and Technical Assistance (CRTA) program, a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, recycles computers donated by the community for distribution to low-income individuals and human service agencies in Tallahassee and the Greater Big Bend area of North Florida.

CRTA Interns

As computers become a larger part of our daily lives, the lack of access to computers and the Internet for those unable to afford it creates an ever increasing digital divide. Likewise, electronic waste increases as consumers upgrade to newer technologies. CRTA addresses both of these problems. CRTA receives computers and related technology that would otherwise be discarded. Most of these machines go on to fill the digital divide by serving local not for profit agencies, their clients, and / or local elementary and high school students. The items we receive that are broken or that do not meet our quality standards are sent for electronics recycling. None of the items we receive go to landfills.


Donate to CRTA

We welcome your donations of the following items:

201307 Refurb Project

  • Desktop and Laptop computers
  • LCD / LED Monitors
  • Scanners, Printers, or other peripherals
  • Networking Equipment
  • Keyboards, Mice, or other input devices
  • Expansion Cards, Hard Drives, DVD Drives, or other misc parts
  • Power, VGA, Network, USB, or any other cables
  • Server Equipment

Please remember to make copies of your data. Once we receive your donation we erase all hard drives using an irreversible process. If you have any questions regarding a potential donation, please feel free to Contact Us via phone or email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Request a Computer

CRTA does not accept computer requests from individuals.  To receive one of our PCs, an individual must be referred to us through a 501(c)(3) non profit organization or a school guidance counselor that has verified their low-income status.

$50 per desktop computer requested on behalf of an individual client

$50 per desktop computer requested for use within an organization

Please note:  Prices include sales tax when applicable.

Desktop orders are limited to two orders per client/family.

We only accept checks or money orders. We will NOT accept cash.

Request a Computer


Our Partners

Partners Bridging the Digital Divide 

An organization whose mission is to support and encourage agencies working to bridge the digital divide.







The CRTA program would like to thank:

Leon County Office of Human Services & Community Partnerships Wells Fargo Tyndall Federal Credit Union
 Tallahassee Sunrise Rotary Club  Wheat Ridge Ministries

 The Beatitude Foundation
Tallahassee, Florida

 Florida Department of Elder Affairs