Computer Refurbishing & Technical Assistance

About CRTA

CRTA InternsAs computers and electronic equipment have become a more essential part of our daily lives, the lack of access to digital technology for those with low incomes has created an ever increasing digital divide.  In addition, electronic hazardous waste has increased as consumers upgrade to newer technologies.  The Computer Refurbishing and Technical Assistance Program has been addressing both of these problems.

Using donated computers, CRTA has refurbished most of them and distributed them to local non-profit agencies and individuals and families with low incomes.  All unusable items and parts have been responsibly recycled.

During the first half of 2021, we provided refurbished computers for 50 individuals and 49 non-profit agencies and re-cycled 18 pallets of unusable electronics.  This has been an important program for the community, but faced with the need for additional space, the retirement of the Registered Microsoft Refurbishing Program, decreases in grant funding, an increased demand for laptops (which are rarely donated), and reduced demand for desktop computers by a major partner, we realized that the program was not sustainable and made the painful decision to curtail the program.

Special Thanks to Loften Willson and John Blodgett, our talented computer techs.

Thank you to all of our supporters and community partners for your collaboration in this work.