The French Quarter

LSSNF French Quarters

In 1996, LSSNF purchased a commercial laundry facility and remodeled it into “The French Quarter”, a ten unit apartment complex which provides permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless handicapped individuals. This facility and program houses special needs clients on an ongoing, affordable basis. These apartments give these previously homeless individuals a decent, clean, managed place to call home.  The facility also houses the administrative offices and warehouse space for LSSNF.

It has been LSSNF’s agenda during the 2013/2014 fiscal year to refurbish the French Quarter building with an eye towards making it more economically and environmentally viable, and safer, for the disabled individuals residing there.  We have added LED security lighting on the perimeter of the building, solar film on all exterior windows to mitigate solar heat gain, and have worked closely with the City of Tallahassee and their energy audit program to lower the utility costs for the entire building.  This facility continues to operate at 100% occupancy.  It is LSSNF’s long term goal to be able to provide more residential housing of a similar nature for formerly homeless, disabled individuals in the community.