InnBetween Transitional Housing

The purpose of the InnBetween Transitional Housing program is to empower homeless families with children to become self-sufficient through a program which allows the family to reside in a medium to long term transitional home and to receive case management (Success Forward) and other social services which allows the family to become whole/healthy/economically viable.

The goal of InnBetween program is to graduate self-sufficient families into stable permanent housing.

The InnBetween Transitional Housing program’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide safe and secure medium to long term housing for homeless children and their parents for up to 24 months.
  2. Provide services, case management, and other meaningful opportunities to learn, practice, and become self-sufficient.

The InnBetween Transitional Housing Program accomplishes these objectives by providing housing in LSSNF owned homes and case management services through a newly formed component of LSSNF, Success Forward: Advocates for Families along with partnerships with local churches, schools, and social service agencies that assist the InnBetween program in meeting the unique needs of each homeless family.

When an InnBetween house becomes available for a new family who is experiencing homelessness, the Program Assistant brings it to the attention of our collaborating partners, Ability 1st, HOPE Community, Bethany Family Apartments, Brehon, and The Refuge House.  If one of these agencies has a family that meets the HUD criteria of homelessness, which established their eligibility for the InnBetween Transitional Housing Program, the agency will respond to the Program Assistant with an official referral.  The Program Assistant, along with the director of the Success Forward program conducts an interview with the candidate family which includes:

  • Information provided by the family’s current Case Manager
  • Parent’s background, education, reason for homelessness, etc.
  • Children’s background, age, education, etc.
  • Family employment situation, needs, financial status
  • An explanation of the InnBetween Program, its rules and regulations, etc.
  • Full criminal background check, drug urinalysis on parents

After confirmation of family eligibility and the signing of the Program Agreement, the family is placed in a medium to long term transitional home and arrangements are made for children to attend the local public schools.  The InnBetween Transitional Housing program provides a furnished home, utilities, and basic supplies to the client families.  The homes are maintained by LSSNF, and the client agrees to maintain the yard and keep the interior clean and orderly.

Each adult member of the family is required to meet face-to-face in a weekly interview with the Program Assistant or director of Success Forward.  These weekly meetings are an integral component of the InnBetween program.  They facilitate case management, allow for the development of a case management plan, and allow the client to remit their “program fees.”  Program fees are paid in lieu of rent.  The InnBetween program requires every family to submit 30% of their household income, after adjustments for numbers of children, to a savings account.  This program fee is escrowed for the family while they are in the program.  Utility expenses for the home are the only fees deducted from this account each month.  All other elements of the home are cost free to the family i.e. homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, pest control, etc.  The funds, program fees, in this savings account are returned to the client family upon exiting the InnBetween program.  These funds can be used towards securing permanent housing, paying electricity deposits, first and last month rent, etc.  This is a unique element of the InnBetween Transitional Housing Program in that families who transition through the program, utilizing all the available services which LSSNF offers, can become self-sufficient, independent, securely housed, and in reduced jeopardy of becoming homeless once again because of this agreed-upon savings component.  The InnBetween program is not just a temporary housing arrangement, but a true transitional program putting families well on their way to security and self-sufficiency.