Success Forward: Advocates for Families

2027Lutheran Social Services of North Florida is pleased to announce the launching of Success Forward: Advocates for Families, a 3-year project funded by Wheat Ridge Ministries. Under the leadership of Amy Crowson, MSW, Success Forward recruits and trains volunteers from Lutheran congregations and the broader community to advocate for and with families in LSSNF’s InnBetween Transitional Housing program, which provides long-term transitional housing opportunities for families with children who have experienced homelessness. The goal of the program is to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness for families in our community by supporting their transition to productive well-being that will enable them to maintain housing in the future.


About the Success Forward Program

General Family Advocates –  A General Family Advocate acts as a liaison with the family and program social worker and specialized advocates to assure needs of each family member are addressed and met.

Specialized or Expert Advocate – A Specialized/Expert Advocate provides information and/or services in areas of client need on-can on-call basis.

Success Forward Volunteer Handbook – The Success Forward: Advocates for Families volunteer handbook contains guidelines, training materials, reporting forms, and other information utilized by Advocates.


Wheat Ridge Ministries
Wheat Ridge Ministries

Wheat Ridge Ministries provides start0up funding and resources to inspired leaders in congregations and nonprofit organizations beginning new and innovative human care initiatives.  They focus on improving personal wellness of body, mind and spirit.  Currently, more than 70 Lutheran-affiliated ministries around the world are receiving assistance through Wheat Ridge.  To learn more, please visit